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Need your site converted to WordPress?

From blogs to full e-commerce sites, we can recover it!

Whats Included

with each site download

10 levels deep of pages downloaded

Wayback Header Removed

All css, images, flash and javascript files included*

All the original URLs so you don’t lose SEO Ranking

All Internal pages will link to the correct path

Site download report will be provided as well

Are there any discounts?

Yes there are, Currently if you over between 2-4 sites, the original cost of $11 drops down to $9 a site and ordering over 5+ sites the price becomes $ 7 a site. if you need more than 20 at a time, contact us for bulk pricing.

Do you Offer Refunds?

In the event that the downloaded site does not look like the site on the Way Back Time Machine and we cannot recover it for you, we will issue a full refund. No questions asked!

Are these the only plans?

Currently these are the only Pricing Plans that we provided for HTML Downloads. If you need the site converted to WordPress, check out our HTML to WordPress Conversion page.

So… You wanna tell me how you do it?

That’s classified information, in the event we are forced to tell someone how we download it so good, the flying monkeys that guard the secret would haul me off to the place of no return… sorry can’t help you on that, I like living.

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